Eureka Technology Partners

Eureka Technology Partners, together with Covenant Solutions, is the implementation arm of WKFS projects.

A leading IT solutions company since 1996, Eureka Technology Partners started life as one of Sri Lanka’s first internet service providers. Since then, it has diversified into other business areas including web development, managed IT solutions and implementation services.

A Microsoft Gold Partner, Eureka Technology Partners also holds the unique distinction of being the first ISO 20000 certified company in Sri Lanka.

Hatton National Bank

Covenant Solutions works closely with HNB Bank, a premier private sector commercial bank that operates 249 branches across Sri Lanka. In 2012, HNB became the first Sri Lankan bank to obtain an international credit rating and currently has a long-term Fitch Rating of AA-(lka). As a leader in retail, corporate and international banking, HNB Bank has a strong commitment to global standards of reporting and compliance. Covenant Solutions works closely with HNB Bank to provide a comprehensive IFRS solution, which ensures that the bank’s financial reporting processes are aligned with international best practices and standards.

Commercial Bank

Covenant Solutions has also partnered with Commercial Bank, a leading private sector bank, which has established itself as a trendsetter in the local industry. Commercial Bank is focusing all of its efforts on becoming the most technologically advanced, innovative and customer friendly financial services organization in the country and offers a broad range of products to its customers. Covenant Solutions provides the bank with state-of-the-art risk management software, and also provides full technical support to ensure its effective implementation.


Covenant Solutions is also a partner of the ComSec Group, a pioneering cyber and IT security market leader that provides consultancy services for large-scale enterprises around the world. ComSec’s consultants are graduates of elite cyber units in the Israeli Defense Forces and specialize in various disciplines of cyber security, in immense technical detail. In order to help our clients, adhere to global security and risk management standards, Covenant Solutions now provides a vast array of ComSec solutions to all clients to ensure that they benefit from increased security and protection.

From blue-chip conglomerates to leading businesses and rapidly growing start-ups in the finance, telecommunications and transportation industries, ComSec has an in-depth understanding of different sectors, and is well equipped to handle the threats that may affect different business environments. ComSec is on a constant quest to identify the latest cyber security trends and threats, in its effort to be a leading developer of cutting-edge security services and technology.

ComSec’s offering includes the development of risk management and security strategy roadmaps, policies and protocols, the management of security plans, the implementation of cyber security and crisis exercises and the technical application of security awareness programmes and workshops. The company also provides an extensive range of support services that ensure continued protection against cyber-crime.

WKFS Solutions are used by 92% of the World's Top 50 Banks

and Leading Banks in Sri Lanka

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