Covenant Solutions provides businesses with access to the very latest versions of WKFS’s software products and the company has recently started offering cyber security solutions in partnership with ComSec, a leading Israeli based global leader in cyber security.

WKFS products are renowned for being award winning solutions that combine the latest technological advancements and modern innovation, with the extensive financial and regulatory expertise of the industry’s best professionals. WKFS is committed to ongoing product development, and the very latest trends in the financial services industry and in-depth research studies are taken into consideration, before products are developed, enhanced and upgraded by a team of over 400 in-house experts.

WKFS products are also renowned for proactively and effectively addressing risk, compliance, finance and audit challenges throughout all levels of an organization, enabling a company to emerge as a dynamic player in the global financial services industry. WFKS’s OneSumX system in particular provides an ecosystem of complementary and comprehensive solutions that help to holistically manage the areas of governance, finance, risk and compliance.

WKFS Solutions are used by 92% of the World's Top 50 Banks

and Leading Banks in Sri Lanka

commercial-bank HNB